City Rotation Schedule – To Be Published

Ride 1 / 891-0764

Ride 2 / 891-0979

Ride 3 / 891-0854

Ride 4 / 891-0928

Ride 5 / 891-7516

Ride 6 / 891-7536

Ride 7 / 891-7545

Ride 8 / 891-0978

! Burning Precaution !

Over the past few years, KID has had problems with landowners burning up plastic (HDPE) pipe which are installed in various locations throughout the District.

This pipe is flammable and will burn up completely if it catches fire and is not extinguished.

! Non Potable Water !

Water is for irrigation purposes only and is unsafe for potable use.

Manage Your Water Wisely

Irrigation water is a valuable resource for our water users; however, there is not an unlimited supply, nor does it work like a water faucet.  Conservation, wise use, and planning the delivery of irrigation water is imperative.

Klamath Irrigation District’s goal is to deliver irrigation water to water users in a professional manner while maintaining control of our canals and laterals with minimal losses or damage.  For K.I.D. to provide efficient service to our Patrons, we demand water user cooperation by ordering water on and off in a timely fashion as per our policy.

Water orders (on, off or changed) must be placed a day before the date of use and can be handled through the K.I.D. office or by your ditch rider.   (The links in the margin of this page will open a ditch rider schedule for the ride selected.  In addition, there is a link to a District map which shows the location of the ride areas. These links require Adobe Acrobat to open).

You MUST CALL the Ditch Rider between 5:00 pm & 7:00 pm to order water ON or OFF for the following day. (Ordering water requires a conversation and ditch rider confirmation; a voice mail does not facilitate ditch rider feedback nor confirmation of an order)  We are working to improve the ordering and tracking system with an automated system in the immediate future.

When placing water orders, please provide the following information:

Quantity in Cubic Feet per Second (cfs) (1 cfs = 448 gpm) (NOTE: 1 cfs over 24 hours =1.9835 Acre feet of water – water rights, contracts, and availability limit max deliveries over a season, month, or day)
Structure Number (located on a yellow tag attached to a turnout or a pump installation)