A Brief History of the Klamath Irrigation District

Date District Formed:  8 December 1917              Date of First Reclamation Contract:  1905    [1]

Original Size:      68,652 acres   [2]

Klamath Irrigation District (Klamath ID) is a quasi-municipal corporation formed in 1917 pursuant to Oregon irrigation district law which is now codified as ORS Chapter 545.  Klamath ID holds water rights in trust and performs operations and maintenance under contract with the Bureau of Reclamation as part of the Klamath Project (Project).  Klamath ID is the backbone to the Project, providing service to eight (8) additional irrigation / improvement districts in addition to numerous individual Warren Act contracts.  Klamath ID boundaries include 59,850 acres of the Project’s “Main Unit” lands, Klamath Basin Improvement District (KBID) lands and Warren Act lands.  Klamath ID delivers water to over 122,000 acres of the 233,625-acre Project area in southern Oregon and northern California.

Pre Klamath Project Map 1905